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Capistrano Bay Counseling Center


Capistrano Bay Counseling Center offers you a safe, comfortable setting where we can work as a team together to get your needs and goals met.

We use a number of Cutting Edge Techniques that clients can use, themselves, long after their therapy is completed.. Some of the Therapeutic Modalities to help you get Rresults in your counseling include:

*Cognitive Restructuring *E M D R
*Behavioral Modification *Rational-emotive
*Gestalt *Marital Therapy
*Reality Therapy *Thought Stopping
*Communication Skills *Anger Management
*Assertiveness Training *Journaling
*Parent Training *Grief Work
*Relaxation / Meditation *Conflict Resolution
*Problem Solving Skills *Decision-making
*Stress Management Training *Family Therapy
*NLP--NeuroLinguistic Programing  

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